Walrus America Inc resides in Houston, Texas. We serve as the marketing sales and services arm in North and Latin America for Walrus Pump Co., one of the largest pump manufacturers in Taiwan with multiple manufacture facilities in Taiwan and China.

Walrus Pump Company was founded in 1978 on the sketches of the traditional domestic pumps. Today, with the continuous investment and innovation, it has extended its products for applications of home pressure boosting, irrigation, water treatment, air-conditioning, industrial washing, filtration systems, and machine tools, etc. Its management provides Walrus with the clarity and focus needed to produce quality products. Walrus products are engineered to meet today's domestic, commercial and industrial demands.

Walrus America Inc. was established in 2005. We started the product line in the beginning with home pressure boosting and coolant pump, and over the years as the company grows, a wide range of products and services are offered for residential, commercial, and industrial markets. We moved to our current location in 2012 with even more space to accommodate the rapid expansion of sales. In addition, we increased the investment in equipment to upgrade the engineering service and testing capability in Houston. In 2013, we made a decision to market a second name “Systemflo" to offer more product options to our customers.

  • Products under “Walrus" are for standard pumps we stock and distribute from our Houston facility.
  • Products under “Systemflo" are for pumps with more complex and expanded product range. These used to be “made to order" pumps with very long lead time. As our dedication to reduce lead time to support local market, our Houston facility conducts assembling, engineering, testing and final shipment of these types of pumps.

Walrus is consistently striving to meet and exceed the tradition of service, quality and integrity by providing the market place with the latest certifications to meet your process needs. The manufacturing plant is ISO9001 certified and products are CE and UL/CSA listed.

Walrus commitment to the customer is undoubtedly the reason why we had double digit growth in the past decade. We listen to the comments of our distributors, customers, and end-users to continue to improve our products to meet your needs. Walrus is constantly in the pursuit of excellence, always innovating and designing new products. We look forward to being part of your pumping application when selecting a trustworthy solution.

William Chung

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