SLB series


  • Up to 75KW (100HP), 790 GPM, 390 PSI (27 bar)
  • Range from 1,3, 5 up to 150 Series
  • Vertical multistage pump of in-line design with flange, oval and Victaulic of equally sized suction and discharge ports
  • Stage construction with stainless steel impellers, chambers and pressure casing
  • Cartridge type mechanical seal for easy maintenance
  • Selection of cast iron, SS304, SS316 for different applications
  • IE3 high efficiency motor



  • Water supply and pressure boosting
  • Irrigation and agriculture
  • Light industry
  • Water treatment
  • HVAC



Catalog: SLB-C,SLB-S,SLB-N_Cat
Instruction Manual: SLB-C,SLB-S,SLB-N_IM